Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Slip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Paige Moffat, did not make it even one semester before slipping.  
I am ashamed.
I am disappointed.
I am laughing.
I am falling even more.  

The past couple of days have been a "heatstroke".  It got up to 36 so, when the rain fell, it froze into a sheet of ice on the colder sidewalk.  So, I completely biffed it and fell right on my butt as my friend was yelling at me through his window three stories up.  It was hysterical. And then, I fell three more times on the way back home.  The walk home is only like a quarter mile.  

Also, this week I got three packages!! One from Miss Jenna Marie Kassab with bread, cookies, a card, candy, and pictures.  I just love that girl.  It was absolutely amazing.  Then, on the same day I got a package from Miss Meghan Moffat with a Christmas gift inside!  It was a homemade lemon scrub shin-dig for me and I can't wait to use it.  Then, Mother won for packages this week, she found my WaWa sweatshirt and mailed it to me!  (andtherewascandyandothervariousthings)  But, the most important thing was my WaWa sweatshirt.  That's real love.

My favorite part about the WaWa sweatshirt is that I told all my roommates that this sweatshirt will be a magnet of all easterners and they and I will instantly become friends like that.  We walked out the door and the first person I saw said, "You're from the east!  I love WaWa!"  I immediately screamed, gave that person a hug, and then watched my roommates look shocked at my accuracy regarding said sweatshirt.  

Yesterday Layne and I went to the local Frozen Yogurt place.  We've decided that the frozen yogurt isn't really that good at Kiwi Loco, but boy oh boy the worker who works there is mighty attractive so, we don't mind going fridays at 3 o'clock.  Heh.  :) 

After our adventure with eating, Layne and I decided to just drive around the no man's land of Rexburg.  Mind you that we practically live in the middle of no man's land and it's a two minute drive to get to the actual real no man's land, but it was so pretty to drive around and see for miles.  It was real nice and fun chatting with her and driving around in our slippers.  

I would also like to point out that everyone here is so amazingly nice that now when the door isn't opened for me when I walk into buildings on campus it feels weird.  Never thought that I'd say that sentence in my life.  

Well, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed your stay.  

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