Monday, March 18, 2013

The Little Green People.

This weekend was absolutely fabulous.  I'll give you a quick glimpse and then I will go into further detail.  On friday all of us girls had a GNO.  A.K.A. No boyz allowed.  A dorm pancake breakfast.  Then, on saturday I had a date to the Snake River and a surprise treat!  Finally, we topped off the weekend with a celebration of Saint Patrick's Day!

Friday.  The rules were no boyz allowed.  This was hard!! Hah, but really.  Starting at three pm, Tara, Kiara,  Layne, and I drove to IF and had some adventures in WalMart.  This included wearing funny hats throughout the store, decided if our purchases were valid and being adult-like about it, finding patriotic "jean" underwear, planning on buying that underwear in July, searching for green tights, trying Jimmy John's for the first time, deciding to be crafty and travel to JoAnn's, and the best part of IF buying crazy straws for a dollar and wearing them in public.  After these journeyings we traveled back the long, scenic way to the burg and painted our nails green, made St. Patty's Day earrings out of buttons, took a power nap, and then traveled to the dollar theatre for a 9:40 viewing of Les Miserables because curfew was at 1!  Haha, #RexburgProblems.  The night was loads of fun and it didn't stop at 1 am.  We went back, played the true laugh test, played the ha ha game, listened to music, and did face masks.  It was absolutely splendid, there were many many laughs, and lots of fun memories made.

On saturday morning our dorm had a pancake breakfast party.  It was delicious.  There was peanut butter, jam, syrup, bananas, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, strawberries, whipped cream---the whole shabam!  It was absolutely tasty and absolutely free!  Then around one Jacob picked me up and we drove up to St. Anthony to go to a park near the snake river for our picnic date.  It was super pretty and it even had a little bit of sand creating a fake beach.  It was absolutely divine, full of nutella, full of mexican sauce, and full of tortillas.  We had a wonderful time just chatting, laughing, eating food, and picnic-ing.  I loved that day.  After our picnic, we went to the ward social where there weren't a whole lot of people, mainly just our friend and there was PLENTY of leftover food.  Around this time it was 8 pm and Jacob took me to get a Shamrock Shake!  I was ecstatic to take part of this tradition that Mother and I usually do!  But, this shake gave me SO much energy and I literally was laughing like a maniac rolling on the floor when we got back before I finished up some homework and took some tests.  I'm glad I still have some friends after they so me literally go psycho after the sugar.  It was awesome.  Oh, speaking of sugar, earlier this week we all had a Pi Day party, it was absolutely perfect, tons of fun, tons of food, and tons of happiness.

Then, on Sunday we celebrated Saint Patty's Day the right way!  We woke up to Leprechauns having attacked our shoes who patiently waited for them.  Then we attended church in festive green outfits.  I have to say I was quite pleased by the wards eagerness to wear green.  Afterwards, I did some homework.  Hey, I have to do it everyday it seems like.  Finally, the dinner began.  The boys Jacob and Zach made us homemade hamburgers, there were green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, nine loaves of homemade bread, free baguettes, kool-aid and more!  It was also my FHE brother Brandon's birthday so his mom shipped him a "party in a box" which included decorations and lots of things to celebrate with.  After the dinner we rushed to the ward fireside.  It was full of insights and a good place to be.  After that we made Brandon a funfetti cake with green frosting.  Before we ate the cake we watched a classic: The Sandlot.  What a great day it was.  Green, birthday candles, The Sandlot, and people that I love.

Now, it is the start of a new crazy, super busy, hectic, struggle-full week.  I'm excited for this semester to be over so that I can start my new classes that I have signed up for.  I'm anxiously waiting for it to be constantly above 40 degrees.  I am looking forward to all the memories to made with the new semester but saddened to say goodbye to my friends on the other track systems.

Well, that's all for now, folks!

I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Kirkham.

Wow.  It has been a while.  Sorry everybody who may actually read this.  It has been super crazy busy with school, friends, boy, and life.  But, it's been a super crazy good busy.  I am absolutely loving it here.  Everyday I fall more in love with this place.  This post will be about some recent activities and some stuff that has happened in this last month.

One weekend about a month ago Layne and I randomly decided to take a journey to Utah to see our family.  It was awesome and exactly what I needed.  The trip was so exciting to get out of the burg we call rex.  I was starting to feel a little stuck and it was perfect timing.  Also, it allowed me to see Sam and his girlfriend and grandparents and cousins and the whole shabam.  Layne's car Mildred (a red mini cooper) was absolutely delightful and it brought some nice exhilaration being able to just take off and stay out past the pathetic curfew that doesn't exist in Utah.  Being able to have Layne meet our family made it so that she understand me a little more I think, hah.  I was so grateful that I was able to see Meghan!  It's been weird living in the same time zone, being hours away, and seeing each other more than once in a year!! It's crazy, but great.

While here at school, I have made great friends.  I know, I know, I say it every time but, hey, it's true!! We have disney movie night on sundays, food parties for random holidays, study time, fun time, girl time, cry time, laugh time, and more food time.  I love everyone here so much.  I have been able to learn and grow from so many people.  Don't get me wrong, I miss home terribly and would love to see those that I love daily, but I know that this is the right place for me and I've never been so happy before.

Another fun thing that I have been doing is a cycling class.  Now I've only gone a couple times-literally, just two times-but it's so wonderful!  The teacher is absolutely amazing and inspirational for how hyper and pumped up she can be for teaching an intense cycling class.  I usually attend the class with my two FHE brothers Brandon, Josh, and my roommate Layne.  Sometimes on saturdays everybody goes out of our neighbors.  It has been nice to get rid of stress through that class.

Okay, so after that, hmm, let me think what has been going on in this crazy siberian world of Idaho?  Oh, there's a boy.  His name is Jacob.  Now, errbody calm down.  The first question I get asked is teen bride?!  Let's sloooooooow it down a bit.  Yes I like him a lot and I love the time spent with him, but I'm not thinking about anything like that at the moment.  But, I have been extremely happy with him that it's a little ridiculous how happy I have been.

Okay, moving onto the point of this story.  The Kirkham.  The Kirkham is the oldest building on campus and it's the theatre building.  A.K.A. an old building full of a large high school musical like stage with plenty of rafters and ladders and hidden rooms and secret places.  Well, this sunday we decided to play sardines after disney movie night (we watched Nemo).  It was so much fun.  There are so many crazy places to discover in that building.  Jacob and I won the first round because we were the first people to find the spot.  But, the last person to hide was my neighbor Emma and her hiding spot was ridiculous.  Nobody could find her and we had searched everywhere high and low, literally, for her for almost forty minutes.  We all thought that she had decided to go to another building because the rules were Calvin and Hobbes rules.  Well, all of a sudden Jacob and I were looking for her and Emma pops up out of nowhere.  We were ecstatic because it had been forever trying to find her and she yells at us "guys, the security people are here to kick us out, RUN!".  Needless to say we booked it out of the building because BYUI security is scarier than the navy seals.  It was a fun night just being with friends, climbing around the building, discovering the random rooms, and having so much fun.

I love this place so much and the people I'm with.  I'm grateful for all that has happened and yet to happen.

That's all for now folks!

Hope you enjoyed your stay.