Friday, November 14, 2014

The Practicum

I have been drowning in school work for the past month.  My ability to socialize, do creative fun things by choice, or even just relax and actually sleep by my own will has diminished.  So, I may be a slight perfectionist and may have exaggerated the need to get things done.  But, in my book, in terms of a college education it pays off. 

I have had the experience of going to the middle school, junior high, and high school in the area to participate in my practicum.  Mainly, I spend time at the middle school.  I observe there and teach 3 class days.  It has been quite a learning experience for me.  My limits have been pushed and it has shown me the capabilities that I actually have and didn't realize before.

While I have been doing this class I have pushed my butt, and had to put a lot of trust into others.  Despite this being challenging, I guess I have learned the lesson that my teachers had in mind when they assigned all these things.

I feel very happy here in Rexburg.  My parents came to visit us last Sunday, which was awesome.  I have a grip, at least for now, on how my life is going.  I get to watch the world transform into a winter wonderland.  And, heck, Hogwarts is my campus....they put Christmas decorations up!!  Tonight we are going to my in-law's for a Christmas play this weekend and I am excited to spend time in a real home. 

Hope the beginning of the holiday season as been treating you well, and that you enjoyed your stay!  That's all for now folks. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

The Land of Bounty

This weekend Jacob and I decided to take a trip down to Bountiful, Utah to visit my family.  We were initially going to come down during Sam's birthday weekend but, alas my parents decided to go to Vegas (the nerve).  We left on Friday evening to make it there before it wasn't too late to spend time with my mom, dad, and sister.  Before we had left for the trip my friend from PA Kate had sent me a text asking when I'd make it down to UT in the future and so we had some plans to see her Saturday, plans to see Meg & Trevor's apartment, and plans to go to a baby shower for three pregnant cousins!

General Conference was great as per usual.  They seem to never let us down.  My mom made us these delicious pumpkin spice waffles and naturally I put some chocolate chips on it.  Some highlights of the day were jumping on the trampoline, sleeping in till 9 (I sound ancient), seeing Katerpuff and getting some prints from France, getting my nails done by Camille, going to Meg & Trevor's humble abode, Sam and Kristie coming, driving down I-15 with no seat belts, taco salad at the baby shower, and Nielson's Custard where naturally everyone knew everyone within the store.
Meg & Trevor have the cutest apartment I ever saw.  Full of Ikea perfection and Meg's stylistic eye for everything.  One day we won't have such a generic place to live and I can't wait for that.  I am so happy that we live so close to each other! 

For Priesthood session my Dad, Sam, Jacob, and Trevor dealt with a fiasco from Domino's while us girls (Meg and Kate crashed with my assistance) went to the baby shower at Aunt Ashley's house.  It was a blast.  Seriously, I forgot how much fun baby showers are and to have three girls pregnant was way awesome!  The food was spot on and was the company.

When we were all back, and after we dropped Kate off with a bunch of strapping young men at the frontrunner, the kids decided to go get some custard.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love frozen creamy-like desserts?  Man, I like them.  It was fun to just eat and chat and relax.

Then, on Sunday it was round two of conference.  As we munched down the fabulous waffle pancakes we got ready for the show.  I loved actually watching all four sessions of conference.  It was cool to see how many faces I actually knew.  I loved the messages and I loved spending it with family.

Jacob and I went on a walk with my parentals which is always fun.  We ran into my cousin and his family that were going for a bike ride for Max's 8th birthday (he had gotten a bike).  I really like the beauty of Bountiful and the atmosphere there.  It's funny because people are already training for skiing by skiing on the streets with roller blades attached to them.  Hahah, that was a sight to see.

Finally it was time to go and we were on our merry way.  About an hour into the drive we got a call from Camille explaining that we left my laptop charger.  With no spare around the house we decided to go back and get it.  Two hours of detour later and we're back to where we were when she called the first time.  A little after this point all of the cars are slamming their brakes and I feel like we're going to crash (no not really, I just always overreact) and there's a car crash, because it's Utah and they suck at driving.  This is seriously like the third one we'd seen on our drive.  Well this caused a detour up Brigham City and lots of confused cars on how to let everyone through.  Seriously though, Utah needs one big course on how to drive, they're awful at it! 

We're driving along I-15 with no cars in sight because we found the shortcut off the detour feeling all good about life when Jacob says "Um, are we in the right place?".  Surely we were because I just seen a familiar sign about an hour ago (that's normal to not see signs for a long time in Idaho).  Well, it turns out we forgot (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE FORGOT WE ALWAYS GO ON THIS TRIP) a turn at Tremonton and were now heading to Twin Falls rather than Rexburg.  So, we add another two hours of detour to our trip.  When we finally went over the state border at 9:30 pm, is when we should have been pulling into our apartment.  Jacob was excited to talk about all these books he had read growing up to keep himself awake and I started to fall asleep.  Then, BAM, hunger strikes.  We stopped at Burger King in the middle of nowhere which included a creepy cat and we're on our way again.  Finally, I know we're almost there and in Idaho Falls because that's the only place you turn.  Hah, Idaho is so different from Philly.  I had never been so excited to be home and see my bed, and to sleep in it.

Now, it's a new week of school and new week of stress and anxiety.  I really need to get better at handling that.  But, just take one day at a time for now.  :)

I hope you enjoyed your stay.  That's all for now!   

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Oldest Brother

It's my big brother Parker's birthday!! I just love that guy and how he has always had time for me.  When I think of our short years where we actually lived in the same house I remember all the times he would actually think about his baby sister.  Some of my favorite memories with him are these:

1. Being allowed to wake up in the night when he babysat and he'd let me cuddle with him and watch movies.
2.  (This one is funny)  When he taught me that I didn't have to have him unzip my dress to use the bathroom-but rather that I can just lift up the bottom of the dress and hold it while I use the bathroom.
3. All the times he brought home friends from Seminary.
4.  All the times he'd super-glue his thumbs together and try to convince me to do that.
5. Let's just simplify it and say "all the times he tricked me but it was actually really funny"
6.  The morning he left for his mission and came in and told me he loved me and gave me a kiss and a hug.
7. The night he came back from his mission and hugged me and cried.
8.  All of the countless times in the car, and the times he took me driving before I had my permit to learn stick shift.
9.  Learning about classic rock.
10. More recently-Weddings, weddings, weddings, and taking the time and effort to visit eachother.

Also, General Conference is this weekend!  I'm really excited to spend some time with family and those that I love.  Whenever fall conference rolls around I always think back to second grade and when we got Chester around conference.  My oh my, how I miss having a puppy!

Happy Birthday Parker!! I love you and I am always grateful for the times you take time out of your busy life and remember to call your baby sister and check in on her.  I really love it.

I bet Carolyn will make you the bestest cake or treat ever. 

Well, that's all for now!  I hope you enjoyed your stay.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Favorite Season.

Autumn is my favorite season.  Always has been, always will be.  The hardest part about not living in the east for me, is missing fall.  I love everything about Rexburg, but I just am filled with doubts that they will have a better fall than say Massachusetts.  Well, today, as I was walking around Rexburg after my class I was thinking about PA falls.  My heart was aching for some leaves, quaint small town traditions, and city lights.  Then, as if someone knew I needed a pick me up I saw a girl who I haven't seen in four years.  She was from PA!! This girl, who was unexpectedly run into, lived in PA, I was her camp counselor, and she moved away.  It was strangely comforting to see someone who knew my home.  It may have been just something simple, but to me it was everything I exactly needed at that point.

Then, on top of my aching for some Linvilla-esque place I walked by Hemming Village here in Rexburg.  Be still my soul-it looked like Media!  They were placing haystacks, orange lights, corn stocks, and old lanterns to help celebrate the fall season.  This may all sound like bogus to others, but to me I got butterflies in my stomach.  Happiness.  I was relieved of life's stress and worries for a moment as I was able to have a taste of home.  While in Rexburg, I'm usually typically pretty good about not missing PA, particularly because I am married to an Idahoan and I don't know where life is going to take us.  But, I have never been here in the fall.  It's a transition, and an acceptance that this is home.  But, while I'm typically good about not longing for my home in PA it still is rough when I long for familiar faces, familiar places, and just familiarity in general.  Basically, today I am filled with gratitude for the simple things of seeing one familiar face from PA, and the familiarity of quaint town decorations.

To me, this is one of the beauties of the season of fall: Gratitude.  I love that we as a culture take the time to be filled with gratitude and reflection.  I hope that as I take my twenty minute walks to and from campus that it will be time for me to just reflect.  I avoid music and phones during my walks because it's just a moment in my life where I want to see the beauty around me, and to not miss it.

So, while I still honestly think that there will never be an autumn as beautiful as New England, and that this beauty will never be found here in Idaho, I do think there is beauty.  I have a beautiful life.  I have a beautiful university.  I have a beautiful perspective on what lays ahead of us.  Here's to autumn and the excitement this brisky, breezy, beautiful season always brings to me!

Well, that's all for now folks.  Hope you enjoyed your stay!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Post-Wedding Vacation.

As one of my dearest friends Layne says: "It's not a honeymoon, it's a post-wedding vacation."  I just love that girl.  Well, I wanted to tell a little bit about the pretty adventures of Yellowstone for ours!

On the drive up to Island Park where the cabin was, that was a little sketch.  There was road work being done, which left  tiny little strip on the road to drive.  When I say tiny, I mean tiny.  Well, at one point our tires got off said strip and almost landed into a thick forest of trees which would've resulted in a crash.  Miraculously, we just stayed on the ripped up pavement and drove pretty recklessly but safe for another mile and got back onto the road.  This resulted in us pulling over, Jacob raising the car, pulling off the tire, getting out rocks, me shaking out of fear because we just basically almost died, and lots of strange looks from the few people the drove by.  We were very grateful that Martín was drivable and we eventually made it to the cabin.

The cabin we stayed at was where Jacob's grandparents lived until they both passed away, now it is just a family cabin.  He hadn't been there since he was a little boy, and was very eager to show me which beam in the ceiling gave him the scar above his eye from whacking into it.  I don't really know the Mikesell family and it was cool to see pictures, look at paintings his grandma made, and watch him get really excited when he found out that things were still there from twenty years ago.

The first couple of days we just stayed in Island Park.  We went out and got some food in the teeeeeny, tiny town.  We watched some of the VHS's that Jacob discovered.  We played some of the games that Sam & Kristie gave us.  Also, we watched the cows and horses out by the lake.  The weather was my favorite-summery and drizzling.

For two of the days we went to West Yellowstone, Montana (about 30 minutes north) and to actual Yellowstone.  We actually went to Yellowstone last year so it was cool to come back, and go a different route than before to see different landmarks.  In the town, we had lots of food, found some t-shirts (Jacob packed one shirt-which got destroyed by fixing the car), and had some entertainment.  His mother was so kind and got us tickets to go to the local Playmill for a viewing of Beauty and the Beast.  This was SO much fun.  The actors and actresses were spot on, and the place was so intimate and sweet.  The best part is when the clock character was trying to convince us to buy some chocolates so that maybe I would "agree to take our relationship to the next level".  As the man walked away after us refusing to buy them-he saw our rings and said "Oh my, it looks like you already did take it to the next level!".  His french accent topped it off.

While in the actual Yellowstone Park for two days the best part was all of the asian tourists.  We were shocked at how stupid some of them were with the landmarks.  They would literally stick their hands in the hotpots, or walk onto the land where the ground is very thin.  Their reactions were priceless when they yelped because the water was hot!  No duh-they're boiling and you can see the steam from five miles away!!  At least they silly tourists provided some entertainment.

One of the coolest sights we saw was the place I had never been to.  We went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  This is where the park got it's name because the stone is yellow.  It was beautiful to look at the huge canyon with waterfalls and rivers.  We climbed down alllllll of these dangerous steps to get to this really cool location.  Jacob is a trooper with my fear of heights because naturally I was crying the whole time we walked up and down those steep steps, and naturally I cut off his circulation while holding his hand.  Being able to go out to eat, see some nifty parts of America, and finally go on a vacation after months of stress was great!!

We headed back to Rexburg for a pit stop because we were then heading to Hazelton for our Open House in his home ward.  We drove two hours from Island Park to Rexburg, and then we were another hour away (halfway to our destination) when Jacob realized he forgot his suit.  Sooo, we turned around, added two hours to our should be two hour trip, and finally made our way there.  While in Hazelton, my parentals came up and it was great to continue celebrating with everyone and to eventually open up gifts together.  We were blown away by the things people were willing to give us and what we received.

Finally, after a weekend there, we headed back to Rexburg to settle down and start this next chapter in our new home.  It was a great, relaxing, week in Yellowstone, with perfect weather.  I can't wait to go back one day!  Well that's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed your stay! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Past Year and Some.

So, like I guessed would happen, I have failed at maintaining this blog properly. My, has my life changed in all aspects, and all for the better.  To start out I finished my first four semesters of college.  College to me is the epitome of progression, improvement, trials, and fun adventures.  Through this experience I have been pushed and pulled and guided through many of lives pathways.  My ability to create, grow, think, and develop has blossomed.  Opportunities have been thrown at me.  Lessons to never forget have been taught.  To simplify this I'll just list some of my favorite things so far about school.

* The dorms (Yes, I never thought I would list this, but it does hold a special place in my heart)
* Idaho's weather, whether -32 or 102, it's one of my favorite things
* Oil painting
* French teachers
* Open fields and long drives
* Mini Coopers named Mildred, Concordes named Martín, and Hathbacks named Millie.
* Family time due to proximity
* Roadtrips! Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming
* Spontaneity
* Some of the three best guys around coming to Rexburg, Idaho: Grandpa Moffat, Samuel, and Dad
* Layne's Bread, Jacob's Mexican sauces, My egg salad, fancy meals
* The dollar theatre
* The Kirkham
* Church and all those adventures that immediately come with that
* Learning how to not freak out when merging onto a highway
* Preston, Idaho
* Convertibles
* Kensington Manor, and work
* Roommates who have blessed my life, tried my life, and changed my life
* Outdoor adventures
* The incomparable beauty that comes after pure snow glistens this campus

Next, after my first two semesters I returned home to my beautiful land of Media, Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is more of a home to me than anywhere else.  As I have been living life for the past two years the word "home" has brought more sensations and emotions than I believe any others have yet to do.  Pennsylvania is my haven, my community, my peace, my history, my life.  There are the trees that blossom with colors, the valleys that spread happy greens, the schools that provide rigorous education, the boroughs and townships (never towns) that have quirky people fill up my life, that ice cream shop that gave me more life lessons than any other job ever will.  I feel like Paige when I am in that place.  I feel at home.  But, as I have said home means different things as life progresses.  As my parents have moved, and life as I have known it has taken a shift from my life on my beloved East Coast, I have things I am forever grateful for.

* Having Jenna Kassab come to West Chester and being able to be with her
* Driving all over the city for church and becoming more in love with Philly
* The comfort and familiarity of holidays in Media, PA on North Heilbron Drive
* The endless beauty and clarity that Ridley Creek State Park provides
* The sacredness of Valley Forge
* The quick pace and excitement of Philly
* Having the ability to accept closure in my life with the multiple deaths of loved ones that occured while at college and finally coming to terms with them
* Being able to see Camille
* Being able to fly to Boston and have one of the best vacations and times ever with my oldest brother and his wife.
* Eating food this gives my stomach pure bliss.
* Decorating, cooking, and baking with my mom
* Visiting the Washington D.C. Temple
* Jacob Mikesell.  Having him come to my home, HOME, home, (can I say it enough), will be my most memorable times in Philadelphia, the land of brotherly love.  It will be something I cherish.  Allowing the person you love to come into your life and into your home and seeing what created you and shaped your way of life is indescribable.  Finally being able to connect him to a place that is my life will never be forgotten.  Seeing art, visiting the Amish, driving windy roads, and having him here was the best part of the whole break.


This one may sound strange, butttt to any of you that have lived out here in the Wild West everything is SLOW.  Gosh, it kills me.  And it kills me more that I am actually getting used to it.  People are so slow when they drive, turn into parking lots, talk at restaurants, talk in general, did I mention it kills me?  I can't ever switch this one, so sadly I've been accommodating it.  I guess you can't get the best of everything.


My life has been able to provide me so many experiences that have put me in places I have never thought imaginable.  If you go back to 16 year old Paige Moffat, chilling in her purple room, on Friday nights in Penncrest High School...this would not have been any part of her wildest dreams or expectations.  Don't get me wrong-I love it.  Just nothing  I ever imagined in a million years happened to me.  To start out, I feel a sense of independence.  Not that I don't rely on others, or depend on peoples wisdom, I just feel at one with my capabilities and aspirations.  I feel like I have some sort of grip on this crazy life.  Next, I have progressed in my education of art.  Alright, this may have been something I dreamed about on friday nights, but it's never been to this level.  I have dreamed of painting, creating, and drawing since  I was a little girl.  Just ask how many times I have drawn on the walls.  Now, my goals are different though, I don't ever think I'm the best at what I do, nor do I think I'm naturally just talented.  I have the talent, but it only comes through hard work.  Education about art here at BYU-I has taught me of my divine role and worth.  It has shown me the comparison of creation and God's capabilities.  He is the ultimate creator and I am only trying to achieve a glimpse of what his abilities are.  The thought of even being comparable to that is humbling.

Lastly with progression: I have felt my testimony actually form and grow.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have always known this church to be true.  But, never have I ever understood the meat, and doctrine behind it.  Never have I have yearned to learn more, wanted to dive into the scriptures, and have a knowledge without a doubt of these truths.  I know that Heavenly Father lives and looks out for all of us.  I know through Him we are guided and blessed.  I know the power of being worthy for the temple.  I know the scriptures allow us to become more like Christ and grow in truth and light.  I know that the more I learn, the more I improve and see the best in me.  I just know, and for that I am finally grateful.


Well this one has changed since my first semester of college.  Samuel and Kristie got married on August 23, 2013 (hope that's right!)!!! Boy, do I love seeing one of my dearest friends find a person to love and be with for an eternity.  I just love having Kristie in our family and adding her to the crazy, uptight Moffat's.  The wedding was beautiful, and I have such joy for Sam.

With the LDS-BC being so close, my ability to finally live in the same time-zone as Meghan and see her has like quadrupled.  For reals.  Gosh, I love that spunky, feisty, red-headed cousin of mine and all the adventures we have-and for all the endless laughter.  That girl has been a back-bone for me.  Not to mention, she has the absolute perfect man for her.  And for that, I am forever grateful that Trevor puts up with our shenanigans.     

My parents moved from PA.  This surprisingly wasn't a hard thing for me to accept.  That chapter of our lives are over and now I get to visit them because they are much closer.  Bountiful has been fun to learn more about.  It's also been fun to see my parents living in UT again and all their crazy yet funny stories about life there.  I miss our home, but I love their new one.  It's just perfect.


Well, yep, ladies and gents "BYU-Ido" came and got me.  Hah, I'm not even ashamed.  When it's right it's right.  I can't remember the name of the post, but on one of my posts from February I actually talked about our first date and how I guess life and time would tell where it would end up (AKA I really liked him from the get-go).  Jacob and I got married on August 16, 2014 for time and all eternity in the Jordan River Temple in Utah.  Man, he is just the perfect guy and person for me.  All of the adventures, experiences, road trips, and trials we have had just fill me up with joy.  I am always filled with gratitude whenever I see him and I will be the first to say that I did not see this coming.  I quote myself "Mom, I don't want to date anyone when I get to college.  And I specifically don't want to date anyone from Idaho."  Well......that didn't work out.  At all.  Well, maybe it did, because that is what was right for me.  Jacob has taught me what a best friend is, what a supporter does, what never giving up or doubting in yourself means, and how to cherish the simplicity in life and to recognize the blessings that come along with it.  I sure am glad that although I had no desire to go to BYUI,  that the Lord blessed me when he hit me with a brick wall of truth and confirmation that this is the place I needed to be, the place that was right for me.  And, surprisingly my usual stubborn self did not say no, but accepted that to be truth.  BYUI has been the best place for me in my life right now and I also never would've thought that I would've said that.


This is all just a general overcap of my life which I really don't expect any of you to read.  It's really just for my sake.  I am horrible at writing things down because of my insane memory-but who knows maybe someone will want to learn about me one day?  Right now, I am taking classes and Jacob is working.  We are in Rexburg, Idaho and loving it here.  (Hah, once again, never thought I'd say that phrase).  The unique experiences life has had to offer us are never ending and always happening.  We both have the bomb-diggity families who support us and are the best to visit.  We live in the frozen tundra for most of the year.  Andddd, we usually run into some puppies whenever we go on a walk.  My hopes are to just share tid-bits every now and then so as to release the stresses of life and to help stay in touch and feel more connected with my family.  Plus, hopefully I'll be able to do some serious design help to this blog.

Hope I haven't bored you too much, for anyone who actually still knows about this blog after a year and a half of not loving it.

Next time I'll post about Yellowstone! (This will motivate me to actually do this)

Well, that's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed your stay!