Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Slip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Paige Moffat, did not make it even one semester before slipping.  
I am ashamed.
I am disappointed.
I am laughing.
I am falling even more.  

The past couple of days have been a "heatstroke".  It got up to 36 so, when the rain fell, it froze into a sheet of ice on the colder sidewalk.  So, I completely biffed it and fell right on my butt as my friend was yelling at me through his window three stories up.  It was hysterical. And then, I fell three more times on the way back home.  The walk home is only like a quarter mile.  

Also, this week I got three packages!! One from Miss Jenna Marie Kassab with bread, cookies, a card, candy, and pictures.  I just love that girl.  It was absolutely amazing.  Then, on the same day I got a package from Miss Meghan Moffat with a Christmas gift inside!  It was a homemade lemon scrub shin-dig for me and I can't wait to use it.  Then, Mother won for packages this week, she found my WaWa sweatshirt and mailed it to me!  (andtherewascandyandothervariousthings)  But, the most important thing was my WaWa sweatshirt.  That's real love.

My favorite part about the WaWa sweatshirt is that I told all my roommates that this sweatshirt will be a magnet of all easterners and they and I will instantly become friends like that.  We walked out the door and the first person I saw said, "You're from the east!  I love WaWa!"  I immediately screamed, gave that person a hug, and then watched my roommates look shocked at my accuracy regarding said sweatshirt.  

Yesterday Layne and I went to the local Frozen Yogurt place.  We've decided that the frozen yogurt isn't really that good at Kiwi Loco, but boy oh boy the worker who works there is mighty attractive so, we don't mind going fridays at 3 o'clock.  Heh.  :) 

After our adventure with eating, Layne and I decided to just drive around the no man's land of Rexburg.  Mind you that we practically live in the middle of no man's land and it's a two minute drive to get to the actual real no man's land, but it was so pretty to drive around and see for miles.  It was real nice and fun chatting with her and driving around in our slippers.  

I would also like to point out that everyone here is so amazingly nice that now when the door isn't opened for me when I walk into buildings on campus it feels weird.  Never thought that I'd say that sentence in my life.  

Well, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed your stay.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Power Outage.

     Today was crazy.  Becca woke me up in a frenzy saying that there was a power outage.  Luckily we had cell phone alarms last night so we woke up.  The downside was we woke up to cold.  It's negative 15 today for the temperature and that didn't feel too good.  But, it wasn't too bad and we can't complain because our heat is back on.  Our FHE brothers heat won't come back on for another two days.  That's cold.  But, as a result of a city wide power outage, that meant some classes were canceled, and if you were a lucky ducky like my roommate, that meant that all your classes were canceled.  I only had to go to B.O.M. class today.  Which I can't complain about.
     This afternoon I worked on my Graphic Design (G.D.) homework today by taking pictures around campus.  I got SO many weird looks.  Everyone was thinking I was getting pictures of them and they thought I was nuts for going outside in a snowstorm for 3 hours to take pictures.  And honestly, I agree with them.  I really hope I start to feel more confident in this G.D. class and that I feel more excited by it.  I'm intimidated by it.  But, I signed up for it and I want to succeed!
     We went to the dunes saturday and it was so much fun!  I'll post some pictures later.  It was Jacob, Zach, Shelby, Taylor, McCall, Layne, Rebecca, and I went.  Along the way a little 8 year old boy Bryce friended us.  We had tubes and airboards and lotsa fun.  The guys we befriended are true gentlemen.  I like that they are our friends.
     Guess what?  Jake Cratty goes to school here!  We've been hanging out and it's been awesome.  I love seeing a familiar face and talking with him.  It totally made me feel a lot better being here knowing I knew someone!
     Tonight was FHE and we played apples to apples with our FHE brothers.  They're all for the most part pretty cool but, this one guy Macon (whose name rhymes with bacon) is absolutely awful.  Hopefully I can learn to like him a little better but so far it has been pretty hard.
     I have been feeling a little swamped but, I guess it's better than having nothing to do.  I can't wait to post some pictures but, for now I have some G.D. homework to do and some laundry to fold.  That's right mom, I did my laundry.  Be proud.

Hope you enjoyed your stay!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Wind.

Holey Moley.  Carolyn wasn't kidding when she told me about the wind up here.  It is out of this world crazy.  Rename Rexburg to the Wind City.  K, scratch that.  Rename it to the Wind Village.  Todays classes went well.  Just had my art days again.  I feel pretty cool in my Intro to Visual Arts class when our teacher discusses different museums or paintings and when he asks if anyone of us has seen them, I typically am able to raise my hand.  Everyone stares at me.  I kinda enjoy it a teensy bit.

Yesterdays classes were great.  I learned that the boy next to me in math hates math as well, which is code for we're going to be friends.  I also learned that he was just baptized on May, 19. (!!!) English is so intriguing.  My professor speaks in the most interesting ways and I really enjoy listening to him.  He has a sarcastic and witty sense of humor.  He reminds me of Mr. Silva and Mr. Casner sorta meshed together as one guy...including his appearance!

Book of Mormon was awesome.  Our teacher made a promise that if we do our Book of Mormon homework first that, we'll be blessed with our other classes and that everything will be able to be accomplished.  Including social life.  I really felt like this was a true statement so, I decided to apply it to my homework/studying.  I've already seen it work!  Last night it was getting late and I decided to go to bed, and hopefully be able to finish the rest of my Visual Arts reading in my 30 minute break the next day (knowing that it would just be a skim and not an absorption of what I was reading).  It turns out that my Graphic Design class today, that is scheduled for 8:00-10:45 get let out at 8:45 today and I was able to go home and complete my reading.  I totally know that this was a blessing for me.  I'm really grateful.

Also, yesterday our new friends came over and we made omelets for dinner!  We purchased 4 dozen eggs and 3 gallons of milk in our apartment.  With only one person who actually drinks milk.  So, whenever our friends come over we give them something to take back.  But, last night they gave us some cupcakes!  It was fun.  We introduced my roommate to Harvard Sailing Team.  Win.

P.S. It's kinda fun to watch people slip here.  And I can say this without feeling bad because, I know that that will be me slipping one day.  (fingers crossed I make it all 4 years without slipping)

Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Day of Art.

     On Tuesday/Thursdays I have my art classes.  I am taking an Introduction to Graphic Design.  I'm so happy that they were able to make another section for me to take!  But, honestly guys...I'm extremely nervous.  I'm intimidated.  I'm excited.  I'm stoked.  I'm scared.  Pray for me?  The class looks like it's gonna be great but, I can tell it's going to push my limits like never before.  After my Graphic Design class I went to an Introduction to Visual Arts class.  I LOVED IT. Boy oh boy oh boy am I excited.  The teacher was hysterical! The subject was so interesting!  I could just soak it right up.  It's just what I've wanted to get out of an art class before.  I love that even though it's a lecture with lots and lots of people, I felt like everyone was involved and that the teacher was aware.  It's going to be great.  Hopefully.
     Last night it was around 10 o'clock.  All of us were in our pj's and just finishing up homework and considering hitting the sack when Layne yelled Becca and mine's name.  She informed us that our friends from the sunday night dinner we had just invited us to go sledding with them, now.  So, we hopped out of our pj's and went sledding!  It was loads of fun.  The snow next to their apartment was flat so, they connected a bungee cord to a rail and streeeetttccchhheeed the cord out.  Then, you hopped on the sled/snowboard and hold onto the bungee cord.  The tension on the bungee cord pulled you right across the ground and up the hill.  Then, they drove us over to the temple church right by the temple.  There is a hill there and we went sledding!  It was fun.  Did you know the speed limits here are 25?  On all the roads but's 35 on the other one.  It's crazy here.  Then, after sledding we had about 10 minutes till curfew so we had some hot chocolate.  We're going to the dunes together on saturday to go tubing!  I'm excited to have some friends!
     The Devotional today was amazing.  It was about the Honor Code which seems like an extremely boring topic but, it was insane.  I loved it.  And we were right now to the ASL interpreters so, that was fun to watch.  That's all for now!  I hope the rest of my classes tomorrow go okay.  Eeek.

Hope you enjoyed your stay!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Beginning.

     Yesterday began the beginning.  I went to my first singles ward where, well, I was the single.  Mind blown, right?  (The fact that I'm single, not that I'm getting older)  It was an enjoyable experience and pretty much what I expected.  Nothing too crazy. My ward consists of all the girls in my dorm, plus 8 girls from an off campus complex, then it has the dorm hall of guys just across the street, plus 2 other locations of off campus living for guys.  So, to put it simply, the majority of the girls are freshmen and the majority of the boys are RM's.  Sounds fun, right?  Hah.

     Today began the first day of classes.  For lack of better words, it was AWESOME.  I really enjoyed my teachers,  got pumped for school, and ran into some people from EFY either while walking or during my classes. It's a small, small, cold, Mormon world up here.  Also, it's snowing!  Which is great because that means it's actually warm enough to snow.  So, it's like 18 degrees right now.  Heh, it scares me that 18 degrees now means "warm" in my vocabulary.

     And finally, last night my roommates and  I made some friends.  Which is super thrilling.  We invited some guys over for dinner when we were waiting for our getting to know you interview with the bishop.  They had just gotten back from break and didn't have any food and we had already made enough food to feed an Indian army (it was indian food...not being racist) in the crock pot that my dear kind sister gave me for Christmas so, they came over!  It was loads of fun and I hope we may have a couple of friends now.  We'll see!  And yes, we may have painted their nails and made snow angels with them.  But don't was just a clear coat.  :)

     Just a little info for the pics to come:  The cart of eggs we gave to our new friends...because we have 4 dozen eggs in the apartment.  The box being covered in paper is our "Memory/Treasure Chest".  Our TV needed to be higher and we had a book box so that's what we covered.  We left a little hole open in the handle that we're putting notes in throughout the semester of funny things.  At the end of the semester we will open it up and see what has happened!!

                                           We put it on a self timer....I didn't make it in time

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hello friends and family.  Here it is.  My blog for everyone to stalk....especially Carolyn :)  I'm not planning on being too wordy here.  My thoughts are to just to post a couple pictures a week and anything interesting going on in my life at the moment.  I hope you all enjoy my new adventures in the Wild, Wild, FREEZING, West.

Hope you enjoyed it!