Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Day of Art.

     On Tuesday/Thursdays I have my art classes.  I am taking an Introduction to Graphic Design.  I'm so happy that they were able to make another section for me to take!  But, honestly guys...I'm extremely nervous.  I'm intimidated.  I'm excited.  I'm stoked.  I'm scared.  Pray for me?  The class looks like it's gonna be great but, I can tell it's going to push my limits like never before.  After my Graphic Design class I went to an Introduction to Visual Arts class.  I LOVED IT. Boy oh boy oh boy am I excited.  The teacher was hysterical! The subject was so interesting!  I could just soak it right up.  It's just what I've wanted to get out of an art class before.  I love that even though it's a lecture with lots and lots of people, I felt like everyone was involved and that the teacher was aware.  It's going to be great.  Hopefully.
     Last night it was around 10 o'clock.  All of us were in our pj's and just finishing up homework and considering hitting the sack when Layne yelled Becca and mine's name.  She informed us that our friends from the sunday night dinner we had just invited us to go sledding with them, now.  So, we hopped out of our pj's and went sledding!  It was loads of fun.  The snow next to their apartment was flat so, they connected a bungee cord to a rail and streeeetttccchhheeed the cord out.  Then, you hopped on the sled/snowboard and hold onto the bungee cord.  The tension on the bungee cord pulled you right across the ground and up the hill.  Then, they drove us over to the temple church right by the temple.  There is a hill there and we went sledding!  It was fun.  Did you know the speed limits here are 25?  On all the roads but one....it's 35 on the other one.  It's crazy here.  Then, after sledding we had about 10 minutes till curfew so we had some hot chocolate.  We're going to the dunes together on saturday to go tubing!  I'm excited to have some friends!
     The Devotional today was amazing.  It was about the Honor Code which seems like an extremely boring topic but, it was insane.  I loved it.  And we were right now to the ASL interpreters so, that was fun to watch.  That's all for now!  I hope the rest of my classes tomorrow go okay.  Eeek.

Hope you enjoyed your stay!


  1. So fun!!! Spontaneous late night advens, yay!! And don't worry, the classes that scare you the most and push you the hardest end up being the best for you (hellooooSeniorThesis)

  2. Yay for sure! I'm SO. SO. SO. scared. But, I know that I need to be taking this class so, here we go! But I was reading the syllabus today and it said "The first couple of weeks you'll feel overwhelmed but, as time goes on you will improve". So, hopefully that's true.

  3. Hey, I majored in Accounting and it was the first class to bring my GPA down...the challenging classes are the most fun!