Monday, January 7, 2013

The Beginning.

     Yesterday began the beginning.  I went to my first singles ward where, well, I was the single.  Mind blown, right?  (The fact that I'm single, not that I'm getting older)  It was an enjoyable experience and pretty much what I expected.  Nothing too crazy. My ward consists of all the girls in my dorm, plus 8 girls from an off campus complex, then it has the dorm hall of guys just across the street, plus 2 other locations of off campus living for guys.  So, to put it simply, the majority of the girls are freshmen and the majority of the boys are RM's.  Sounds fun, right?  Hah.

     Today began the first day of classes.  For lack of better words, it was AWESOME.  I really enjoyed my teachers,  got pumped for school, and ran into some people from EFY either while walking or during my classes. It's a small, small, cold, Mormon world up here.  Also, it's snowing!  Which is great because that means it's actually warm enough to snow.  So, it's like 18 degrees right now.  Heh, it scares me that 18 degrees now means "warm" in my vocabulary.

     And finally, last night my roommates and  I made some friends.  Which is super thrilling.  We invited some guys over for dinner when we were waiting for our getting to know you interview with the bishop.  They had just gotten back from break and didn't have any food and we had already made enough food to feed an Indian army (it was indian food...not being racist) in the crock pot that my dear kind sister gave me for Christmas so, they came over!  It was loads of fun and I hope we may have a couple of friends now.  We'll see!  And yes, we may have painted their nails and made snow angels with them.  But don't was just a clear coat.  :)

     Just a little info for the pics to come:  The cart of eggs we gave to our new friends...because we have 4 dozen eggs in the apartment.  The box being covered in paper is our "Memory/Treasure Chest".  Our TV needed to be higher and we had a book box so that's what we covered.  We left a little hole open in the handle that we're putting notes in throughout the semester of funny things.  At the end of the semester we will open it up and see what has happened!!

                                           We put it on a self timer....I didn't make it in time


  1. So fun!!!!! Love the socks, that movie, that you used the crock pot, all of it!!!!!

  2. You are already having WAY too much fun! :)

  3. Haha, I would have to agree! I love it here!