Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Barbershop.

     This week has been busy, crazy, fun, highs, lows, life-tastic.  Phew.  Glad I was able to go through this hectic week!  I won't really go into details because now that they have passed,  I honestly don't even remember them.  But, this weekend we decided to have some fun.
     On Friday Rebecca, Layne, Jacob, Micah, Shelby (it's a guy), and I all went to Costa Vida.  It's Rexburg's version of Cafe Rio.  I got a sweet pork burrito.  It was delicious and I can't wait to eat my left overs tomorrow.  Costa Vida was filled with RM's speaking spanish, creeping on people in the ward on dates, and me venturing some icky milk thing.  The guy I went on a date with last sunday?  Yeah, he was interesting.  Not my cup of tea.  But, I was his cup of tea.  So, my friends and I made plans this weekend and when he asked me out again for this weekend I was grateful that I could honestly answer that I already had plans.  Well, after Costa Vida we went bowling.  I actually broke a score of 40 points!!!! Now, if you know my bowling capabilities that's impressive.  Micah who hasn't gone bowling since before his mission got like 7 strikes, we were highly impressed.  Then, the bowling alley turned into a black light place and we had some fun with that.  
     After bowling, it was only 9:30 pm.  Everything basically closes at nine even though friday curfew isn't until 1 am.  But, the WalMart stays open until 12.  So, naturally this meant that our next adventure was across the street at WalMart.  We played a scavenger hunt.  Layne, Becca, and Micah on one team and Jacob and I on the other team.  Basically what the deal was we each had to find five objects of our choice throughout the store and stick it in our carts.  After accomplishing this, we traded carts and had to try to put them back in the correct spot.  The first one back with an empty cart wins.  Now, I know that this probably sounds super lame but, honestly this is like the funnest thing to do in Rexburg.  Afterwards we all came back to our apartment and talked.  It was fun.  
     On Saturday I slept in and boy that was awesome.  I haven't slept in on a saturday in a LONG time. That night on campus there was a barbershop festival.  It was interesting.  Some of the performances were really great, some were painful to watch, some painful to hear, some were painful to both watch and hear. There was a large group of us.  Layne, Becca, Kiara, Jessica, Curly-Haired Katie, Real Brandon, Micah, Zach, Shelby, Jacob, and I.  Jackson was performing so that is why we went.  But, the not so fun guy who asked me out again this weekend was performing as well...and he saw me.  It was awkward. But, I still enjoyed myself. 
     On a side note, DO NOT EVER go to WinCo on the first saturday of the month during the day.  I have literally never felt so claustrophobic in my entire life.  There's so many people buying so much food.  
     Okay, back to the night after the barbershop festival.  Well, we were all chilling but Layne, Jessica, Jacob and I decided to go to the local grocery store to get some things we need for National Nutella Day which is this tuesday!  It was a fun trip and maybe I'll have some more details on that later but, we'll just have to wait and see.  
     Today we watched a little bit of the super bowl, made homemade spaghetti and meatballs, watched Forever Strong, oh-went to church, and had lots of dessert.  I love the people here.  I love the atmosphere.  I, for the most part, love the classes.  You constantly are thrusted into the gospel and the spirit and it's a wonderful thing.  People here are uplifting and I've met some wonderful friends.  Well, that's all for now.  
     I hope you enjoyed your stay! 


  1. I've totally heard of doing that at WalMart, I bet it would be fun! And no Rio is Rburg? PTown had both, so sad! I also love this avoiding the creeper story

  2. It is actually super fun. The hardest part is not getting loud/running so that way you don't get kicked out. I highly suggest it! And nope, no Rio :( but, at least we've got something. And I'm glad someone is able to enjoy it! haha