Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Mini Cooper.

On Tuesday I got a text from Layne simply stating "The Hickory Pulled Pork deal...Lunch today?".  It was the most lovely text to receive.  This meant that a restaurant we have both gone to and really loved was having a deal where you a whole gigantic meal for 5 bucks.  So, naturally we went.  Well, let's jump over to when we're getting ready to depart.
Layne has a red Mini Cooper which we love but, I'm not use to it's tiny dimensions.  A.K.A. I have no sense of size for the car.  Well, we were sticking our backpacks into the trunk.  I turned around to look at something and then, BAM.  I had the fortunate pleasure of completely whacking my eyebrow into the corner of the open trunk door of the car.  All of a sudden I felt this dull pain and throbbing.  It was hysterical and awful all at the same time.  The reasoning for it being hysterical is because I am constantly joking around with other people telling them "be careful, don't hit your head on the trunk!".  Well, ladies and gents, it happened to me.  Not only did it happen but, it also made my head bleed a little.
Because my head was already slightly bleeding and starting to swell, when we arrived at the restaurant I asked for a bag of ice.  Needless to say, I spent that entire meal eating it with a gigantic bag of ice on my head.  It was super classy, and totally normal for me.  That night I had a date and I was a little bummed that I had a gigantic swollen forward but, it was still loads of fun!
For my date he made me pizza and then we went to the D.I. for a scavenger hunt!  I don't ever remember having been in a D.I. but boy those places are huge!  And not only are they huge but, they are full of crazies.  It was fun there.  After the date we went back to my place and participated in the National Nutella Day party that our dorm threw for our neighbors/FHE brothers/neighbor's FHE brothers.  It was super fun and the food was delicious!  I love the people that I'm surrounded by here in our dorm and in our ward.
So, not only did I bang my head on the trunk door that day, I also hit my head on my bed when getting up from my desk (happens everyday), and then when I sat down on the floor I hit my head on my friend Josh's really hard.  My head is currently a mess and I have a constant dull pain.  I guess I just live life a little differently from everybody else....:)
Well, that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed your stay!

P.S. Doing homework in the laundry room is the best and smartest.

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  1. Hahah ooh baby!!! So unfortunate that you kept hitting your head! Ps call me so I can hear about the rest of your date :)