Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Dog and The Teacher.

This week I have been grateful to know that I have met people here who do care about me.  My reasoning for this being a knowledge that brings me gratitude is because of the sad news this week has brought.  Chester Wesley Moffat was simply the best definition of man's best friend.  I miss that guy terrible but, I'm incredibly happy for all the amazing times and moments that I got to share with that pup, my family, and with Belle.  I'm grateful that my parents agreed to let us get a dog.  I'm grateful that I always had a friend there that gave selfless love.  He has been one of the greatest lessons and blessings in my life.  This week also brought the news of Mal's passing.  I'm saddened by this but, that man is in a better place and in better health now.  Seeing him wave and smile every morning as you arrived to school taught me that everyday is a blessing and that we must see the happiness in everything!
This weekend my friend Julie came over and had a slumber party with us and all of our neighbors!  It was crazy fun.  I love the girls here a lot and  I love all the different experience and trials that these girls share.  Learning from others and knowing that there is support everywhere is a wonderful thing!
On saturday  I went on a triple date.  It was my two neighbors who went with my date's roommates.  I went with Jacob.  We went to WalMart...I know WalMart again but honestly it really is the only thing to do here.  We had a scavenger hunt, did you know that you're not allowed to take pictures in WalMart?  Yeah, neither did  I until all the employees were hunting us down.  It was so fun.
This weekend is going to be crazy and we'll see if I end up going cross-country skiing...that was the plan until my teacher announced that there's a math test this weekend so, I might not go.  Which is sad, but I do need to prioritize.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I just got a sweet card in the mail from my dad!  I love how on Valentine's Day we always got chocolate from him.  I'm going on a date tomorrow and then to a Valentine's party.  Should be fun :)

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed your stay!

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