Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Southwest

As per usual (kinda crazy how that always happens) a lot has changed since the last post!  We have been so blessed to be able to have a job post-graduation.  Jacob has accepted a job offer at GM in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Totally a shock to us and totally a change of pace from anything I've ever experienced.  We are so excited and ready for some sunshine after this frozen tundra. 

Student teaching has seemed to fly by!  It has it's many stressful moments, days, and weeks but everything that I do has a purpose and it makes it that much more wonderful and joyful.  I have loved my partner student teacher Rebekah and being able to work together and bounce off ideas.  It has been such a blessing. 

We finally made it to Big Jud's last night!  Man, it was the biggest burger I have ever seen/had.  1 whole pound!  We split it in quarters and didn't finish it all but it was delicious.  I love experiencing life with Jacob and my favorite thing is doing new things with him.

We are excited for our next step in life and to know where we are going.  We have a job, apartment, and excitement.  Now we just have to figure out how to move there and officially graduate. 

This year, as I mentioned in the beginning, has been all about the word "trust" for me, and let me tell has done wonders to my life and happiness to just go with the flow and trust. 

That's all for now!


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