Friday, September 11, 2015

The Student Teaching

At the end of August we moved from Indy to Rexburg!  It was quite an adventure.  We had to clean up the apartment on my birthday and then we left the next day!  The drive was actually really pretty until we go to Northern Colorado/Wyoming.  Then at the end of Wyoming we hit the Palisades on the Idaho borderline and dang, that was crazy beautiful!  The most "exciting" part about  this road trip back was on our anniversary.  We were driving and our pit stop that night was Colorado Springs, but we decided to hit Denver.  It was our anniversary after all!! Really long story short, our trusty steed Martin ended up dying in downtown Denver on 15th street right by the aquarium and the football stadium.  That mean that we were stuck in a city we don't know, it the downtown, at a stop light, without any idea what to do next!  Jacob is such a sweetheart and after many phone calls, lots of prayers that we could get our car somewhere safe, a couple of rolled stopped signs, and a rain storm we were able to get him working!  We went to a restaurant Jacob grew up with called La Bonita.  It was like Disney World but in Denver.  There was life entertainment and decorations everywhere.  They entertain you with people jumping and diving off of waterfalls and cliffs.  It definitely was a move to remember.  Also,  Wyoming is so ugly.

The day after we got back I got my Horizontal License because I'm now 21!! It was great and then  I went straight to teaching.  I was actually really nervous for the students to come in because at the end of last year I had a rough time with one student and it really shook up my confidence in teaching and my desire to be here.  But, it's a new year and new students.  It really has been such a great experience so far and I feel so grateful that I get to have my own classroom and my own space to create and teach in.  Most days are just fine!! The only thing that is hard for me is not being tired all the time!  But, I'm no just weeks away from my diploma and it feels AMAZING.

Last week we went to Heise Hot Springs with Arliss and Coelton.  I have never gone swimming in a hot spring and let me tell you-they are stinky stanky.  But, it was so fun and I feel so lucky that I get to have these experiences!  Jacob and I have made it a goal to do as many new things that are specific to this area this semester.

Labor Day weekend was BUSY and FUN.  We went to Hazelton because Ben was home on leave from the Navy.  I went to my first Rodeo, my first County Fair, and to Bear Lake for the first time.  The Rodeo was definitely "eye-opening" and not really my cup of tea.  The County Fair was a blast!! I loved, loved, loved the 4H animals!  Jacob is such a trooper to spend hours with me just looking at the animals.

Then we went to Bear Lake to meet up with the Moffat side of the family!  It was great and we went to an amazingly beautiful church in Laketown.  Apparently it was the birthplace of my Grandfather and I had no idea until after the meeting was over!  It was really cool to see the graves of some ancestors and to learn a little bit more about my heritage.  I love being a Moffat and so far so good being a Mikesell.  I feel very blessed in my life.

On the way back, we grabbed an incredible raspberry milkshake, stopped at the lake, and went to head back to Rexburg.  A pheasant died on our wind shield...R.I.P. big guy haha.  But, in Pocatello the car starting acting up so we headed back to Hazelton (lotsssss of driving this weekend) to get some help from the Mikesell Car Shop.  It was good to have something to do monday, and we were lucky to get some legitimate homemade fried chicken by one of the Georgian elders at the Mikesell's house.  Man, it was tasty!!

Anyways, that's all for now folks!

Next stop this weekend: Family pictures/Camping in Island Park.

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