Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Summer Fun

This Summer has been a fun, unique one.  I spend most of my days on the couch doing homework, see the light of day at night, and Jacob works his hardest and plays with a nerf gun along the way!  Anyways, Indy has been great.  I have missed humidity, cicadas, fireflies, low elevation, diversity, culture, etc.  The best part really is that I'm with Jacob.  I don't really care where I am as long as I get to be with him!

This summer has been a spidey summer.  We've had fun with Wolf Spiders (Did you know that they carry their babies on their back?? All like 1,000 of them!).  We've had fun with small spiders, big spiders, fat spiders, skinny spiders, alive spiders, dead spiders, pretty much you name it and we've done it.  But hey, that's what happens when you have to find the cheapest yet available place to rent and we're just grateful that we've found them and haven't been bitten by them.

Last week Danielle got married to Ryan!  Congrats to them!  I flew out early to UT and spent some time with my parentals.  I went hiking with my mom, lost all my oxygen, and realized that we did this same hike like ten years previously.  Also, note to self, do not forget the sunscreen next time.  I'm really not digging this whole "high elevation=no oxygen=sunburn=really close to sun=PEELING SKIN.  I don't have this happen a whole lot so yes, it is kind of a big deal. 

Jacob and I had a great time at Danielle's & Ryan's wedding.  It was great to meet our new niece and see all the grandkids!  I really lucked out in the whole "in-law" department.  They're the best!  The best part or the most fun I guess was the photobooth.  We got to take a lot of fun, cute, silly pictures.

I am currently doing my last final and then I am DONE.  I'm just hoping and crossing my fingers that all goes well with my Praxis on Tuesday.   Worse comes to worse...I did buy some ice cream. 

We're set to head to the Indianapolis Temple Open House tomorrow (friday) and hopefully Chicago next saturday!  I really like visiting places.  :)

That's all for now folks!  Hope you enjoyed your stay!


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