Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Rexy to Indy Roadtrip

Jacob and I have arrived and spent some time in our new home for the summer.  We are here just on the edge of the city of Indianapolis.  The drive to make it here from Rexburg to Indianapolis really wasn't that torturous and the best part was that we got to spend so much time together because we didn't have work.  Another perk was finding out that Jacob surprisingly really likes pools at hotels and that meant we got to meet some funny people in the hotels and go swimming despite the snow (!!!!) we found in Wyoming in the end of May!

While driving out here I surprisingly got sappy and emotional.  No, no, no, not because of the move or because of a "scary new place" (which I haven't ever really felt).  It was because there was a point when I realized we had finally said GOODBYE to mountains and HELLO to trees!  I got overwhelmed with so much joy.  This is weird to describe this but I'll try my best to explain.  Living in the mountains is hard for me emotionally-but I do my best to find the good and to not complain.  I think I do a pretty dang good job, because I really do find good things about them.  But, when we arrived in tree place and we got "suffocated" by them as I described it was like this huge burden was lifted off of me.  I felt like "it was all worth it, I did it, this is my reward for trying to find the good in all things".  I know, it sounds like bogus, but it felt so good.

Moving here meant that we got to see the Janes family in West Lafayette.  Their home was beautiful, it was amazing to see a familiar face, and I felt such comfort in being in the home of a friend.  I feel so blessed to have lived in places that I always find someone that I know whether I realize it or not. 

This brings me to my next point/adventure.  While here Jacob and I have wanted to be proactive in this opportunity and do things.  We've gone to gardens, the art museum, downtown, restaurants, trails, etc.  But, strangely the best part so far was an experience I had here in the Children's Hospital.  It's funny how prayers can be answered.  I had prayed that I would find ways to serve people despite knowing nobody and having no connections.  I didn't think my prayer would be answered the way that it was, but when do they get answered the expected way?  I got asked to play with a 3 year old boy in our ward who just moved in and has an infection from his cystic fibrosis and is in the hospital.  I felt strongly like this is what I needed to be doing.  Strangely, the lady in the ward that got asked to pick me up (lack of car) ended up being my second cousin!  How weird is that?  The little boy in the hospital....his mom is an Art Teacher!  The executive secretary in our ward lived in the Valley Forge Stake!

As much as I have grown and progressed with being okay that PA is not my only home emotionally, mentally, and physically it really is nice to find little tastes of home.  It's like Heavenly Father knows what I need right when I need it.

Lastly, I've picked up how to crochet!  I wanted to do something with my hands that was different from drawing and cleaner than painting.  It has been a blast doing something for myself.  That has been a goal of mine this year: learn how to take care of myself and recognize that it is not selfish or wrong when done right.  I don't know when I'll master this but I've learned that hard way that you really do matter and need to be prioritized just as much as everybody else.

Last night we saw fireflies :)  My heart skipped a beat.  Those little reminders....

That's all for now folks.


P.S. I'll have to explain the adventure of the "Spider in the Bed" next time.  

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