Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The April Fool's Day

Today is the 1st of April.  Which means that I missed posting something in March by one day.  Oh well!  Today is my last April Fool's day in college.  That may seem like a strange thing to reminisce on, but when your first one was filled with epic pranks and emotional friendship roller coasters, it funny how a day can become important to you.  Anyways, today I got a spontaneous request from Layne to go hike R Mountain with her.  I love me some Layne and I love me some R Mountain and I love me some excuse to not do homework, so naturally, I obliged.

We were trying to get back by 7:43 because we knew that's when the sun would set.  We ended up taking this epic sunset picture right as we got to the base, checked the time and saw that it was 7:43 and commended ourselves for getting a legitimate sunset picture. 

Well, as of lately, I've done quite a few things in the past month.  March was definitely a month filled with art galore.
 I went to Springville museum of art.

This one was my favorite Russian work

I went to California on an epic field trip road trip to see beautiful art!
I also saw real cacti and had some delicious Rita's! 

 I made art.  A lot. 

Had some fun at the Ward Pinewood Derby and Nursery.

And enjoyed the quirks of Rexburg....

All while spending some time with our favorite two year old

Finding out that we scored an internship in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Lastly, having a discovery that the shower curtain is a great backdrop, and falling in love with this guy more and more and more and more. :) Sappy, but the truth.  

It's funny how I have realized that as more semesters have passed, the sooner they go and the quicker it gets done and the closer I get to graduation and leaving this place I call home.  I'm so glad that my parents came up for a Sunday, that I have friends that I get to spend time with in Rexburg, and little tastes and reminders of home along the way.  Here's to hoping that next semester is even better!

That's all for now!

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