Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Groundhog's Day

Alright, I'll be honest, I tend to over-dramatize Groundhog's day out here in Idaho due to the fact that  I gotta represent my homeland.  Just doing my duties as a citizen of PA.  Well, I may the biggest fan of Punxsutawney Phil here in Idaho, there is more than one reason.  Two years ago on Groundhog's day is when Jacob asked me out, in the grocery store, by the nutella (love at first nutella).  Boy, am I sure glad that I have a holiday to help me remember this great day in my life!

School is insane and fast forward two years later and instead of celebrating our two year anniversary, we did homework until 2 am.  Like, not even a joke.  When I become a legitimate educator: goodbye busywork! Hello genuine assessments! 

Here's to hoping that I make it out alive this semester, let alone the week. 

Also, there's a new president at BYU-Idaho! I'm going to sincerely miss President Clark, but it's exciting stuff to be here at this time!

Well, that's all for now folks!

I hope you enjoyed your stay.


P.S.  Primary is the best place to have a calling.  Truth. 

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