Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The New Year

I really liked 2014.  I always knew I would.  14 is my favorite number after all.  Looking back a large amount of amazing things were able to occur in my life. I turned twenty!  I married the man who makes me the happiest, pushes me to all levels of potential and makes it real, and treats me like a queen.  I became a junior in college!!  I traveled to new states.  I made friendships to last a lifetime.  My parents moved to Utah (still in shock about that).  I broke all barriers I previously had with my education and exceeded all of my expectations.  Lastly, I became Primary President, Ward Pianist, R.S. Pianist, and a Sunday teacher this year. 

Looking forward to this year, I am a little less unsure of what life has ahead of me.  I do know that this is my last year as a student in Rexburg and that's really quite strange.  I can't believe how fast time as gone and how strangely enough I really have come to love this place.  I will need to complete my teacher certification exams.  I get to student teach!  Um hello, I graduate!! But, in the midst of all of this excitement I really don't know where/when we can and will get an internship.  So this means that much of my life is up in the air in terms of knowing where I will be living and what we'll be doing.  I also should be graduating the same semester as Jacob and that is seriously the coolest thing for me to be able to do!

In terms of what our little family is looking forward to implementing within the new year it is the word "trust".  We have decided to make this our life motto for the year.  Now, I know that may seem like a strange word to pick.  But, when your life is full of constant change, insecurity, and chaos, it is crucial to trust in yourself, your spouse, and Heavenly Father.  This trust in a sense cancels out all of the other fears, because if you know that you have this in your life then you really honestly do have your priorities within the right places and that it will all work out. 

Now, I don't know if I'm necessarily down with the whole "new year, new me" thing, but I am down for "progression".  I want to progress.  I want to develop a better "Paige".  I want our cute little two-person family to experience all of the best possible sweet joys that we can and should experience this year.  Progression is one the keys to happiness I believe. 

So, even though I don't really know what is ahead of me in this year, where I'll be living for all of it, if we will get an internship, how I'll pass my certification tests, which school I'll be paired with for student teaching, bring it on.  I've someone learned a huge lesson in college that change isn't so bad after all.  That by no means that I'm perfect at it, hah, but it sure means that I'm learning how to accept it with a lot more grace than I ever have previously.

Here's to 2015...That's all for now folks.  Hope you enjoyed your stay. 

For your pleasure, I have included some pictures from 2014. 

They are almost in monthly order, but most definitely not guaranteed.

Maybe I should apologize for the amount of pictures, but maybe one day our posterity will thank me for this....maybe.  :)

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