Monday, October 6, 2014

The Land of Bounty

This weekend Jacob and I decided to take a trip down to Bountiful, Utah to visit my family.  We were initially going to come down during Sam's birthday weekend but, alas my parents decided to go to Vegas (the nerve).  We left on Friday evening to make it there before it wasn't too late to spend time with my mom, dad, and sister.  Before we had left for the trip my friend from PA Kate had sent me a text asking when I'd make it down to UT in the future and so we had some plans to see her Saturday, plans to see Meg & Trevor's apartment, and plans to go to a baby shower for three pregnant cousins!

General Conference was great as per usual.  They seem to never let us down.  My mom made us these delicious pumpkin spice waffles and naturally I put some chocolate chips on it.  Some highlights of the day were jumping on the trampoline, sleeping in till 9 (I sound ancient), seeing Katerpuff and getting some prints from France, getting my nails done by Camille, going to Meg & Trevor's humble abode, Sam and Kristie coming, driving down I-15 with no seat belts, taco salad at the baby shower, and Nielson's Custard where naturally everyone knew everyone within the store.
Meg & Trevor have the cutest apartment I ever saw.  Full of Ikea perfection and Meg's stylistic eye for everything.  One day we won't have such a generic place to live and I can't wait for that.  I am so happy that we live so close to each other! 

For Priesthood session my Dad, Sam, Jacob, and Trevor dealt with a fiasco from Domino's while us girls (Meg and Kate crashed with my assistance) went to the baby shower at Aunt Ashley's house.  It was a blast.  Seriously, I forgot how much fun baby showers are and to have three girls pregnant was way awesome!  The food was spot on and was the company.

When we were all back, and after we dropped Kate off with a bunch of strapping young men at the frontrunner, the kids decided to go get some custard.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love frozen creamy-like desserts?  Man, I like them.  It was fun to just eat and chat and relax.

Then, on Sunday it was round two of conference.  As we munched down the fabulous waffle pancakes we got ready for the show.  I loved actually watching all four sessions of conference.  It was cool to see how many faces I actually knew.  I loved the messages and I loved spending it with family.

Jacob and I went on a walk with my parentals which is always fun.  We ran into my cousin and his family that were going for a bike ride for Max's 8th birthday (he had gotten a bike).  I really like the beauty of Bountiful and the atmosphere there.  It's funny because people are already training for skiing by skiing on the streets with roller blades attached to them.  Hahah, that was a sight to see.

Finally it was time to go and we were on our merry way.  About an hour into the drive we got a call from Camille explaining that we left my laptop charger.  With no spare around the house we decided to go back and get it.  Two hours of detour later and we're back to where we were when she called the first time.  A little after this point all of the cars are slamming their brakes and I feel like we're going to crash (no not really, I just always overreact) and there's a car crash, because it's Utah and they suck at driving.  This is seriously like the third one we'd seen on our drive.  Well this caused a detour up Brigham City and lots of confused cars on how to let everyone through.  Seriously though, Utah needs one big course on how to drive, they're awful at it! 

We're driving along I-15 with no cars in sight because we found the shortcut off the detour feeling all good about life when Jacob says "Um, are we in the right place?".  Surely we were because I just seen a familiar sign about an hour ago (that's normal to not see signs for a long time in Idaho).  Well, it turns out we forgot (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE FORGOT WE ALWAYS GO ON THIS TRIP) a turn at Tremonton and were now heading to Twin Falls rather than Rexburg.  So, we add another two hours of detour to our trip.  When we finally went over the state border at 9:30 pm, is when we should have been pulling into our apartment.  Jacob was excited to talk about all these books he had read growing up to keep himself awake and I started to fall asleep.  Then, BAM, hunger strikes.  We stopped at Burger King in the middle of nowhere which included a creepy cat and we're on our way again.  Finally, I know we're almost there and in Idaho Falls because that's the only place you turn.  Hah, Idaho is so different from Philly.  I had never been so excited to be home and see my bed, and to sleep in it.

Now, it's a new week of school and new week of stress and anxiety.  I really need to get better at handling that.  But, just take one day at a time for now.  :)

I hope you enjoyed your stay.  That's all for now!   

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