Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Post-Wedding Vacation.

As one of my dearest friends Layne says: "It's not a honeymoon, it's a post-wedding vacation."  I just love that girl.  Well, I wanted to tell a little bit about the pretty adventures of Yellowstone for ours!

On the drive up to Island Park where the cabin was, that was a little sketch.  There was road work being done, which left  tiny little strip on the road to drive.  When I say tiny, I mean tiny.  Well, at one point our tires got off said strip and almost landed into a thick forest of trees which would've resulted in a crash.  Miraculously, we just stayed on the ripped up pavement and drove pretty recklessly but safe for another mile and got back onto the road.  This resulted in us pulling over, Jacob raising the car, pulling off the tire, getting out rocks, me shaking out of fear because we just basically almost died, and lots of strange looks from the few people the drove by.  We were very grateful that Martín was drivable and we eventually made it to the cabin.

The cabin we stayed at was where Jacob's grandparents lived until they both passed away, now it is just a family cabin.  He hadn't been there since he was a little boy, and was very eager to show me which beam in the ceiling gave him the scar above his eye from whacking into it.  I don't really know the Mikesell family and it was cool to see pictures, look at paintings his grandma made, and watch him get really excited when he found out that things were still there from twenty years ago.

The first couple of days we just stayed in Island Park.  We went out and got some food in the teeeeeny, tiny town.  We watched some of the VHS's that Jacob discovered.  We played some of the games that Sam & Kristie gave us.  Also, we watched the cows and horses out by the lake.  The weather was my favorite-summery and drizzling.

For two of the days we went to West Yellowstone, Montana (about 30 minutes north) and to actual Yellowstone.  We actually went to Yellowstone last year so it was cool to come back, and go a different route than before to see different landmarks.  In the town, we had lots of food, found some t-shirts (Jacob packed one shirt-which got destroyed by fixing the car), and had some entertainment.  His mother was so kind and got us tickets to go to the local Playmill for a viewing of Beauty and the Beast.  This was SO much fun.  The actors and actresses were spot on, and the place was so intimate and sweet.  The best part is when the clock character was trying to convince us to buy some chocolates so that maybe I would "agree to take our relationship to the next level".  As the man walked away after us refusing to buy them-he saw our rings and said "Oh my, it looks like you already did take it to the next level!".  His french accent topped it off.

While in the actual Yellowstone Park for two days the best part was all of the asian tourists.  We were shocked at how stupid some of them were with the landmarks.  They would literally stick their hands in the hotpots, or walk onto the land where the ground is very thin.  Their reactions were priceless when they yelped because the water was hot!  No duh-they're boiling and you can see the steam from five miles away!!  At least they silly tourists provided some entertainment.

One of the coolest sights we saw was the place I had never been to.  We went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  This is where the park got it's name because the stone is yellow.  It was beautiful to look at the huge canyon with waterfalls and rivers.  We climbed down alllllll of these dangerous steps to get to this really cool location.  Jacob is a trooper with my fear of heights because naturally I was crying the whole time we walked up and down those steep steps, and naturally I cut off his circulation while holding his hand.  Being able to go out to eat, see some nifty parts of America, and finally go on a vacation after months of stress was great!!

We headed back to Rexburg for a pit stop because we were then heading to Hazelton for our Open House in his home ward.  We drove two hours from Island Park to Rexburg, and then we were another hour away (halfway to our destination) when Jacob realized he forgot his suit.  Sooo, we turned around, added two hours to our should be two hour trip, and finally made our way there.  While in Hazelton, my parentals came up and it was great to continue celebrating with everyone and to eventually open up gifts together.  We were blown away by the things people were willing to give us and what we received.

Finally, after a weekend there, we headed back to Rexburg to settle down and start this next chapter in our new home.  It was a great, relaxing, week in Yellowstone, with perfect weather.  I can't wait to go back one day!  Well that's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed your stay! 

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