Monday, September 29, 2014

The Past Year and Some.

So, like I guessed would happen, I have failed at maintaining this blog properly. My, has my life changed in all aspects, and all for the better.  To start out I finished my first four semesters of college.  College to me is the epitome of progression, improvement, trials, and fun adventures.  Through this experience I have been pushed and pulled and guided through many of lives pathways.  My ability to create, grow, think, and develop has blossomed.  Opportunities have been thrown at me.  Lessons to never forget have been taught.  To simplify this I'll just list some of my favorite things so far about school.

* The dorms (Yes, I never thought I would list this, but it does hold a special place in my heart)
* Idaho's weather, whether -32 or 102, it's one of my favorite things
* Oil painting
* French teachers
* Open fields and long drives
* Mini Coopers named Mildred, Concordes named Martín, and Hathbacks named Millie.
* Family time due to proximity
* Roadtrips! Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming
* Spontaneity
* Some of the three best guys around coming to Rexburg, Idaho: Grandpa Moffat, Samuel, and Dad
* Layne's Bread, Jacob's Mexican sauces, My egg salad, fancy meals
* The dollar theatre
* The Kirkham
* Church and all those adventures that immediately come with that
* Learning how to not freak out when merging onto a highway
* Preston, Idaho
* Convertibles
* Kensington Manor, and work
* Roommates who have blessed my life, tried my life, and changed my life
* Outdoor adventures
* The incomparable beauty that comes after pure snow glistens this campus

Next, after my first two semesters I returned home to my beautiful land of Media, Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is more of a home to me than anywhere else.  As I have been living life for the past two years the word "home" has brought more sensations and emotions than I believe any others have yet to do.  Pennsylvania is my haven, my community, my peace, my history, my life.  There are the trees that blossom with colors, the valleys that spread happy greens, the schools that provide rigorous education, the boroughs and townships (never towns) that have quirky people fill up my life, that ice cream shop that gave me more life lessons than any other job ever will.  I feel like Paige when I am in that place.  I feel at home.  But, as I have said home means different things as life progresses.  As my parents have moved, and life as I have known it has taken a shift from my life on my beloved East Coast, I have things I am forever grateful for.

* Having Jenna Kassab come to West Chester and being able to be with her
* Driving all over the city for church and becoming more in love with Philly
* The comfort and familiarity of holidays in Media, PA on North Heilbron Drive
* The endless beauty and clarity that Ridley Creek State Park provides
* The sacredness of Valley Forge
* The quick pace and excitement of Philly
* Having the ability to accept closure in my life with the multiple deaths of loved ones that occured while at college and finally coming to terms with them
* Being able to see Camille
* Being able to fly to Boston and have one of the best vacations and times ever with my oldest brother and his wife.
* Eating food this gives my stomach pure bliss.
* Decorating, cooking, and baking with my mom
* Visiting the Washington D.C. Temple
* Jacob Mikesell.  Having him come to my home, HOME, home, (can I say it enough), will be my most memorable times in Philadelphia, the land of brotherly love.  It will be something I cherish.  Allowing the person you love to come into your life and into your home and seeing what created you and shaped your way of life is indescribable.  Finally being able to connect him to a place that is my life will never be forgotten.  Seeing art, visiting the Amish, driving windy roads, and having him here was the best part of the whole break.


This one may sound strange, butttt to any of you that have lived out here in the Wild West everything is SLOW.  Gosh, it kills me.  And it kills me more that I am actually getting used to it.  People are so slow when they drive, turn into parking lots, talk at restaurants, talk in general, did I mention it kills me?  I can't ever switch this one, so sadly I've been accommodating it.  I guess you can't get the best of everything.


My life has been able to provide me so many experiences that have put me in places I have never thought imaginable.  If you go back to 16 year old Paige Moffat, chilling in her purple room, on Friday nights in Penncrest High School...this would not have been any part of her wildest dreams or expectations.  Don't get me wrong-I love it.  Just nothing  I ever imagined in a million years happened to me.  To start out, I feel a sense of independence.  Not that I don't rely on others, or depend on peoples wisdom, I just feel at one with my capabilities and aspirations.  I feel like I have some sort of grip on this crazy life.  Next, I have progressed in my education of art.  Alright, this may have been something I dreamed about on friday nights, but it's never been to this level.  I have dreamed of painting, creating, and drawing since  I was a little girl.  Just ask how many times I have drawn on the walls.  Now, my goals are different though, I don't ever think I'm the best at what I do, nor do I think I'm naturally just talented.  I have the talent, but it only comes through hard work.  Education about art here at BYU-I has taught me of my divine role and worth.  It has shown me the comparison of creation and God's capabilities.  He is the ultimate creator and I am only trying to achieve a glimpse of what his abilities are.  The thought of even being comparable to that is humbling.

Lastly with progression: I have felt my testimony actually form and grow.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have always known this church to be true.  But, never have I ever understood the meat, and doctrine behind it.  Never have I have yearned to learn more, wanted to dive into the scriptures, and have a knowledge without a doubt of these truths.  I know that Heavenly Father lives and looks out for all of us.  I know through Him we are guided and blessed.  I know the power of being worthy for the temple.  I know the scriptures allow us to become more like Christ and grow in truth and light.  I know that the more I learn, the more I improve and see the best in me.  I just know, and for that I am finally grateful.


Well this one has changed since my first semester of college.  Samuel and Kristie got married on August 23, 2013 (hope that's right!)!!! Boy, do I love seeing one of my dearest friends find a person to love and be with for an eternity.  I just love having Kristie in our family and adding her to the crazy, uptight Moffat's.  The wedding was beautiful, and I have such joy for Sam.

With the LDS-BC being so close, my ability to finally live in the same time-zone as Meghan and see her has like quadrupled.  For reals.  Gosh, I love that spunky, feisty, red-headed cousin of mine and all the adventures we have-and for all the endless laughter.  That girl has been a back-bone for me.  Not to mention, she has the absolute perfect man for her.  And for that, I am forever grateful that Trevor puts up with our shenanigans.     

My parents moved from PA.  This surprisingly wasn't a hard thing for me to accept.  That chapter of our lives are over and now I get to visit them because they are much closer.  Bountiful has been fun to learn more about.  It's also been fun to see my parents living in UT again and all their crazy yet funny stories about life there.  I miss our home, but I love their new one.  It's just perfect.


Well, yep, ladies and gents "BYU-Ido" came and got me.  Hah, I'm not even ashamed.  When it's right it's right.  I can't remember the name of the post, but on one of my posts from February I actually talked about our first date and how I guess life and time would tell where it would end up (AKA I really liked him from the get-go).  Jacob and I got married on August 16, 2014 for time and all eternity in the Jordan River Temple in Utah.  Man, he is just the perfect guy and person for me.  All of the adventures, experiences, road trips, and trials we have had just fill me up with joy.  I am always filled with gratitude whenever I see him and I will be the first to say that I did not see this coming.  I quote myself "Mom, I don't want to date anyone when I get to college.  And I specifically don't want to date anyone from Idaho."  Well......that didn't work out.  At all.  Well, maybe it did, because that is what was right for me.  Jacob has taught me what a best friend is, what a supporter does, what never giving up or doubting in yourself means, and how to cherish the simplicity in life and to recognize the blessings that come along with it.  I sure am glad that although I had no desire to go to BYUI,  that the Lord blessed me when he hit me with a brick wall of truth and confirmation that this is the place I needed to be, the place that was right for me.  And, surprisingly my usual stubborn self did not say no, but accepted that to be truth.  BYUI has been the best place for me in my life right now and I also never would've thought that I would've said that.


This is all just a general overcap of my life which I really don't expect any of you to read.  It's really just for my sake.  I am horrible at writing things down because of my insane memory-but who knows maybe someone will want to learn about me one day?  Right now, I am taking classes and Jacob is working.  We are in Rexburg, Idaho and loving it here.  (Hah, once again, never thought I'd say that phrase).  The unique experiences life has had to offer us are never ending and always happening.  We both have the bomb-diggity families who support us and are the best to visit.  We live in the frozen tundra for most of the year.  Andddd, we usually run into some puppies whenever we go on a walk.  My hopes are to just share tid-bits every now and then so as to release the stresses of life and to help stay in touch and feel more connected with my family.  Plus, hopefully I'll be able to do some serious design help to this blog.

Hope I haven't bored you too much, for anyone who actually still knows about this blog after a year and a half of not loving it.

Next time I'll post about Yellowstone! (This will motivate me to actually do this)

Well, that's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed your stay!


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